About us

Edumetrisis is a publisher of web-based behavioral assessment tools. Our authors bring many years of experience and offer through their innovative ideas solutions to practical problems of the field. Each one separately and collectively is considered an assessment expert in their respective fields.

They are involved both with the development as well as with the support of their tools, offering their consultation services as requested by our clients.

We strongly believe that researchers should be given opportunities to explore their innovative ideas with the least amount of financial restrictions, thus in many cases we offer our tools for their use at cost.

Similarly, we believe that professional training programs should expose and train their students with the latest tools in the field therefore, we offer them completely free during their training years (i.e practica, internships).

We care about education, psychology, mental health and we want to do everything within our means to support your work by building healthy productive relationships with you, our colleagues. In this journey we want to know how we are doing.

Encourage us by telling us about the good things you see and tell us how we can improve. Your constructive feedback is the reason that our work keeps improving with new editions and revisions of our authors’ work.

We invite you to visit every one of products and experience yourselves how we have taken our authors’ visions and developed creative evidence based solutions to assist you with your practice.

Technology is changing the world of educational and psychological assessment and we have embraced it. Our authors have been in the forefront of these innovations.

We support their ideas but also would like to invite you to consider being part of our team as a user or author/collaborator.


Achilles Bardos


Achilles N. Bardos, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-founder of Edumetrisis, LLC