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Our authors bring many years of experience paired with innovative ideas to offer practical solutions to problems in the field. Each author on our team is considered an assessment expert in their respective field. They are closely involved with both the development and the support of their tools, offering their valuable consultation services as requested by our clients.

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PAWS - Preschool Affective Wellness Scale
Caws Children and Adolescent Wellness Scale
JWS - Journey to Wellness Scale

We invite you to visit each one of our products and to experience for yourselves how we have taken our authors’ visions and developed creative, evidence-based solutions to assist you with your practice.

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    “We use the BIMAS at Hastings Public Schools (Nebraska) and it is absolutely amazing! Positive reviews by teachers and administrators. Our 8th grade class completed the self-report last fall and their feedback was also very good, so plan to use the self-report for 8th -12th grades this school year. The scales tie directly into our MTSS process. The alignment is fabulous”.

    Susan Lindblad, Psychologist
    Hasting Public Schools, Nebraska

    The BIMAS gives us the data we need to find students who need more support, ensure that instruction/intervention is working, and develop our programming to best support our students. Without the BIMAS, we’d just be guessing. BIMAS allows us to engage in true data based decision making.

    Jill Battal-Snyder, Ph.D.,
    CBHM Data and Research coordinator

    50 Boston Public Schools have adopted the Comprehensive Behavioral Health Model (CBHM). An essential component of CBHM is the use of a universal screening tool. After a thorough review of screening tools, we have adopted the BIMAS-2 and have been using it for 7 years. Collecting universal behavioral health data is crucial to a school’s ability to identify students in need of additional support, progress monitoring students receiving support, and identify needs across the district. Collecting universal screening data also allow us to track the implementation of our behavioral health initiative, to show areas of improvement and identifying remaining concerns. Check out our 18-19 Annual Report! or find out more at www.cbhmboston.com

    Andria Amador, Ed.D.
    Senior Director of Behavioral Health Services Behavioral Health Services Boston Public Schools

    Our Partners

    Our list of partners continuously expands with colleagues and public schools who recognize the quality of the work we put forward with the BIMAS-2, and who have seen firsthand the impact it has made on their schools. Below is a partial list. References are available upon request.