PAWS - Preschool Affective Wellness Scale


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The Preschool Affective Wellness Scale (PAWS) assesses preschool children’s social emotional competencies.  Using its own web-based application, schools can set up universal screening windows to assess students’ PAWS SEL core competencies by Teachers and Parents.  The PAWS can be used to:

  • Determine a student’s SEL strengths and areas needing support.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of SEL curricula.
  • Enhance the communication between school and families.

Areas Assessed

The PAWS SEL core competencies include.

  • Behavioral Regulation measures a child’s ability to understand his or her own emotions and to recognize the emotions in others as well as to effectively send verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Social Skills measure a child’s ability to engage in positive peer interactions and to in turn be accepted by peers within the classroom.
  • Academic Motivation measures a child’s ability to display self-initiated interest in learning as well as participation in academic related tasks.
  • Home/School Support is a measure of the level and frequency of communication between the parents/family and school. It offers both parties the opportunity to self-reflect and evaluate their relationship, recognizing the importance of communication between family and school.


Forms & Levels

The PAWS includes both Teacher and Parent Forms that can be delivered digitally through a web-based platform. Each form is comprised of 38 items assessing students’ behavior and the relationship/collaboration between school and home.

Administration, Scoring & Reports

The PAWS can be administered using its own web-based platform. Data can also be entered manually when the digital format is not possible (lack of internet). PAWS data can be displayed dynamically on the platform’s screen with aggregated data across district, building , grade level (please visit www.webacademy.us for demonstrations and samples).

Individual student comprehensive reports and progress data can be displayed within the platform along with a friendly to read and understand report in PDF format.

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To use the PAWS you will need a subscription to the PAWS platform.  

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